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Closing Jabber on 08.10.2023

Due to inactivity and the messenger replacement Matrix (Element) the messenger will be closed on 08.10.2023.

Your Account will no longer be reachable. Make sure to migrate your contacts and groups to another instance. Feel free to contact me with any problems!

- Jonny 01.10.2023

Closing Etherpad on 01.10.23

Due to inactivity and the better suited tool CodiMD the Etherpad tool reachable via will be closed on 01.10.23.

All pads will no longer be reachable after this. Please save your data before hand.

- Jonny 18.09.2023

Rebuild Website

The website was rebuild with Jekyll and is now served as fast static html. Also there were applied some updates regarding accessability and readability.

- Jonny 17.09.2023

Mail Filtering + Spam Detection

Mail filtering + spam detection Since 21 May, Riotcat now offers server-side mail filtering via the roundcube web interface. With these new rulesets you can also set up automatic replies or forwards. This is also the basis for spam detection. Mails considered as spam are now automatically moved to the Junk folder in the inbox. If you are missing incoming mail, please check there. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problems!

- Jonny 24.05.2023

Shutdown Matrix Dimension Service

Because the Matrix Dimension project is no longer maintained [1] and is not really needed the service is shutdown.

If your element configuration still contains a dimension URL consider removing it. The default config is found in ~/.config/Element/config.json or ~/.config/Riot/config.json

[1] -

- Jonny 06.04.2023

Updates Completed

After some downtime all systems are now updated and on the current data.

- Jonny 02.01.2023

IPv6 Support

Nearly all service are running now additionally on IPv6. The support has now been successfully reenabled after the server migration. Please contact me if you encounter any problems!

- Jonny 04.04.2022

Matrix Registration closed

Due to spam account creation the matrix account registration is closed for now.

- Jonny 09.02.2022

Jabber - Fileupload

Hi there, unfortunately the file and image upload for jabber is currently not working. An update seems has been broken it. Right now I wasn’t able to find a fix for that, but I will keep try. Thanks for your patience and feel free to contact me anytime!

- Jonny 08.01.2021


I’m happy to announce that is now also provided by an IPv6 address. You can reach it via your dns provider or in any case on the address 2001:8d8:1800:83c8::1. Please contact me, if you find any problems with any app and IPv6. Happy surfing :)

- Jonny 27.09.2020

Bugs with Collabora and Nextcloud

Hi there! Due to some trouble with the user password based Nextcloud encryption and the collabora app (that one allows you to edit LibreOffice documents in the browser collaborative with others) the usage may be buggy and sometimes not as expected. In future I may find a way to convert the cloud’s encryption to the master key mode, which will allow us to use the current collabora version or switch to onlyoffice. Write me, if you and encounter any problems.

- Jonny 25.09.2020

T-Online Mail Errors

Unfortunately there are errors when trying to send Mails to users, who use @t-online addresses. After contacting their admintration, they only will allow as a sender if there is a public link to a administrative person. It is not sure, whether this will happen or not. We are sorry for any troubles.

- Jonny 06.08.2020

Prosody (Jabber) Update

I updated Prosody (the software that allows you to communicate via jabber using conversations or gajim) and added the service entries for TURN and STUN, which helps the clients for video and audio calls in jabber to 1) find the participants IP address and 2) routes the video or audio data via You can find further information on the xmpp compliances site: on which we now again reach 100% coverage! Yeah. Have fun and contact me if there are any problems or errors!

- Jonny 06.06.2020

Matrix Update

The Matrix server synapse is now running on the running version 1.12.4. as well as riot-web has been updated. Besides the update riot-web got some new branding settings. Have fun and don’t hesitate to contact if there are any problems!

- Jonny 16.05.2020

Updating Startpage

Today I’m announcing the rework of’s startpage. At first I just wanted to add the new Matrix service, but I merge this page into a Django project for easier mantaining. If you have any feedback don’t hesitate contacting me! Also give our matrix instance a try. You find the address at the startpage and my account in the contact overview. There is also a support room if you need any help. Have fun! :)

- Jonny 30.03.2020